Travel portal (Prototype)

Travel Portal

At Cipherhut, we follow our travel business clients’ instructions to the letter and provide timely suggestions and reports so that the client knows the status of the project. Besides these, Cipherhut also offers the most-sought after ‘Mockup / prototyping’. Mockup / Prototyping – Making Cipherhut different from the others While presenting the travel website design to the clients, we don’t show the design on paper or ask them to imagine how their site would look like.

Sometimes it is essential to have the look and feel of the product before accepting it. Taking this concept further, we make sure that each of our travel business clients gets to see, feel, and use their travel website before it is launched.

As Mockup / Prototyping is a part of our website development process, we help clients understand the design, navigation, and content. Although the mockup will be a static simulation of the webpage, it helps in converting client’s vision and perspective into a realistic concept.

The mockup or prototype webpage will give the actual look and design of the final website, complete with links, pages, design and navigation even though the pages or the travel website is not launched on the web. It also ensures complete understanding of the design so that there is a smooth transition from design to implementation.