Test management

Test Management

Have you tested the application you have built for your project? Not yet! CipherHut is the software development & test management service providing company. We work on different software, website and application development platforms.

What is test management?

Test management is the crucial process performed on the comprehensive website and application, before delivering it into the public domain. In this process, every functionality and features of the project are tested to accomplish the accuracy and project requirements. Verification, validation, and functionality check are the preferred parameters of the test management process. CipherHut has the skilled and experienced team of quality testers for an individual platform such as a Web, Android, iOS, etc.

Testing is performed to improve product-efficiency and profitability by reducing the bugs. This process usually follows the certain steps which include preparing test campaign, generating report and metrics, managing bugs, and planning test activities. CipherHut ensures the visibility, traceability, and control of the testing process to procure the high-quality result.