Complete automated white label OTC desk, fully integrated with the – order management, trading, confirmation, clearing center routing and back-office processes, to introduce efficiencies at every step.

About Relix

Relix follows the smart OTC comprehensive workflow for instant order execution with an efficient flow of information around the desk. The electronification of the over-the-counter (OTC) and built-in digital asset wallet system is configured to support the new Business Process for increased efficiency and transparency.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Relix

OTC trading is streamlined by enabling the quick “Maker” and “Taker” trade execution to indicate the flow. Relix- Automated OTC Desk will instantly connect mutually-interested traders based on certain measurable criteria, sizes, and qualifications.

The seamless workflow of Relix makes it a faster and secure OTC trading desk where matching buyers & sellers can automatically execute the trade, on the other hand, blocking un-trusted traders and makes the process reliable & secure.

How does it work?

Quick analysis and order execution will be managed automatically where bots will track the order on the market with order stack and depth.

Automated trade notification and confirmation through the multi-asset and multi-legged trades via driven trade order.

Automated match between buyer & seller for OTC trade will track and respond to customer trade approvals and artificial intelligence-enabled dispute management.

Relix Compatibility

Relix has the provision of cold storage to provide completely safe and secure cover to hold and or trade digital assets and automate trade instructions using the platform’s application programming interface (API).

Seamless automation of the digital asset instantly executes matched trades and performs OTC swaps using an automated escrow service through a peer-to-peer platform where investors and traders can agree on the transaction of digital assets.

Relix is the white-label OTC desk which is compatible on the web, Android and iOS platform comfortably as per the requirements.