Fully customized and hosted white label digital asset trading software platform with secured and scalable white-label solutions that safeguard all digital asset exchanges with full-stack technology suites for easy integration.

About Ostron

Advanced solutions, modular designs, and customization options with proven technology stack offer a multi-asset exchange environment that provides excellent functionality that can be implemented on digital asset platforms. We have developed solutions for all the top blockchains to identify issues beyond the typical challenges in order to build something unique which will hold future industry trends.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with OSTRON

  • Support more than 200 digital assets
    Ostron is ready to use digital asset exchange solution with attractive user interfaces and exceptional functionalities that will manage the global trading of more than 200 blockchain-based digital assets.
  • Built-in digital asset wallet system
    Ostron digital asset wallet is equipped with digital asset exchange software that will store and manage your multiple currencies into a secure and personalized wallet.
  • Banking API integration-ready
    We have integration-ready banking APIs which can be used at a business level to conquer precise-engineered solutions with ultra-lean design and advanced risk control features.
  • Superfast trading engine
    Our digital asset exchange software solutions are integrated with the multi-layered architecture that empowers application, control cost and manages load balances efficiently.
  • Integrated helpdesk
    We work round the clock with advanced software settings and supervision to offer regular support.
  • API, web, android, and iOS
    We provide platform-friendly solutions by providing responsive and real-time software services to maximize business potential.
  • Distributed safe hot wallet architecture
    Deliver highly functional Distributed safe hot wallet architecture that runs on exceptionally advanced technology to provide resilience and fast failovers. Our digital asset exchange platforms are integrated with the distributed server architecture having clustered persistence.
  • KYC/AML integrated
    Smart user authentication with improved security cover will help to store and maintain the user private data. KYC and Two-factor authentication provide full-proof cover to the platform for transacting data and information.
  • Highly secure platform
    We are utilizing distributed ledger technology in the digital asset ecosystem for immutable and tamper-proof data sharing by enabling the limitless set of business opportunities.
  • Amazon web-service deployment ready
    Develop and deploy the application with AWS will make the Ostron more effective and ready to use for real environment experience.

How does it work?

Depending on the nature of the digital asset exchange the requirement document is created which will help you create, launch, and support software requirements.

Ostron is tailored to meet user expectations; therefore, we make it flexible in customization, scaling and development to make your business more trendy.

We have designed our solution with the best security practices which will give the exploring freedom to the user with the lowest cost and maintenance charges.

OSTRON Compatibility

Ostron brings smooth and sophisticated digital asset exchange platforms integrated with advanced technology solutions to provide a user-friendly environment.

We facilitate services depending on the customer requirements and deliver it in a given time slap which allows us to receive actionable analytics from the point of integration.

Ostron provides you a real-time status and keeps your application under control and if you are not satisfied with centralized authority we are all set to deliver the decentralized platform.