Non-Government organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)


The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) accompanied by technology is the new powerhouse for humanity. Change is the only constant and every industrial sector goes through times of the transformation and innovation. The Non-government organization (NGO) is the sector which delivers their assistance for the betterment of the environment, society, backward classes, and for the human rights. For this noble cause, CipherHut offers their technical hands to the NGO activities. AI, IoT, Blockchain are the modern technologies which can be used for data collection, location tracking, measuring the quantity, monitoring the production and many other things which can reduce physical efforts.

NGO plays the crucial role in social upbringing, and CipherHut offers their tech-support to them by discovering loopholes from society. Our software practices and innovative operations help them in improving auditing work, attendance recording, invoicing, payment, production capacity, and other maintenance functionalities. ERP (Enterprising Resource Planning) is one of the helpful assets which can enhance the capability of the internal operations and increase the connections with the donors. CipherHut works on various digital platforms which can help you in holding your targeted audience and spreading the awareness about the grudges in the society. A website or an application is an incredible tool to promote your work, reach the poor, and seek the volunteer across the globe. A well developed & designed the website can be your virtual office whereas the smooth & user-friendly application can be your social identity. CipherHut will willingly do it all for you to drive your prime motive by centralizing your project as a primary asset.