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The Internet of Things is digitizing the physical world; it is receiving enormous attention by leveraging a common architecture and compatible solutions that offer greater speed, scalability, and depth of expertise.


CipherHut is the center of a vibrant ecosystem with the ability to cover the range of expertise and ability to create the IoT value chain. CipherHut offers system integrated industry-specific solutions with application and data analytics software.

Remote Monitoring

CipherHut offers strategies—to both enterprise adopters and IoT providers—to unlock strategies that will improve enterprise adopters’ business performance. IoT enables the remote monitoring solution and reduces the downtime to repair business value with IoT applications and solutions built on a market-leading technology platform.

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IoT provides a common network for devices to exchange data securely through communication devices — or sensors — are embedded in everyday objects.

IoT is integrated with the four distinct components viz; sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.