Docker setup/migration

Docker Setup/Migration

Docker is a specially designed tool to construct, deploy, and run applications by using different containers. The Docker container is light weighted and for functioning it utilizes the user OS. For example, consider a code which runs successfully on the developer’s system and the same code will show error in tester’s system. What is the reason behind it? What is the solution to this problem? First of all, it happens due to the different computing environments. For such problems CipherHut’s Docker setup, is the ultimate solution. It is the moderated replacement for the virtual machine with some advanced features for example; high efficiency, portability, sharable data volume, occupies less memory and many more.

Docker setup/migration is the DevOps tool which enables & maintain continues delivery flow of applications and services. To maintain this cycle CipherHut will help the user in automating the applications in a lightweight container for efficient functionality in a peculiar environment.