Digital transformation

Revolutionizing the trust-based activities to explore and navigate the potential blockchain development customized for your businesses.

We Will Help You

Verify your data

Our focus is to offer seamless digital experience where we put the customer first hence maintaining the delicate balance between security and customer satisfaction. Our countless data verification services help you ensure data integrity and lessening the possibility of potential fraudsters.

Reduce your transaction cost

Digital transformation has saved time and money for the businesses, and escalated the satisfaction and trust level. We’ll help you enable significant efficiency gain and attain transaction cost reduction.

Secure your data

We’ll help you reconstruct your business processes using our smart applications and focus on managing data assets, ensure their integrity, accuracy and security.

Pre-set data condition by using smart contract

It’s a self-execution software that executes itself once all pre-defined conditions of the contracts are completed. By using smart contracts, we are able to reduce transaction costs significantly as it eliminates the intermediary.

Improve data Transparency

We understand that data transparency is vital for any business to compete in the information economy. Our sound data strategy ensures a reliable data foundation that manages and ensures data high quality.

Ready to realise your product vision?

What We Do

We’ll research and get to know your business thoroughly to understand the project requirements which will help us to deliver the best solutions to fit your business needs.

We’ll plan based on the research and analysis done for your business requirements and help you focus on your areas of concern and build solutions for your specific needs.

With the consideration of various factors such as security improvements, data transparency, scalability, and innovation, we can develop the best enterprise-grade solutions for your business.

Cipherhut’s monitoring system provides a directed approach to troubleshooting, where we narrow down the root cause and correlate how the infrastructure performance is impacting.