Continuous Integration/Delivery

Continuous Integration Delivery

CipherHut offers higher-quality applications and services more methodically. Continuous Integration Delivery puts a great emphasis on delivering Jenkins plug-in for DevOps teams to speed up and transform the Jenkins from 1.0 to 2.0. Proven expertise, process, and tools increase the level of automation and produce the superior quality of applications and services to procure the result efficiently and promptly.

From strategy planning to the delivery and support, Continuous Integration/Delivery facilitates the solution for all. CipherHut’s expert team enables plug-ins to reduce the intensity of efforts, for that our team auto-convert the freestyle jobs into coded pipelines & enhances the pipeline on-boarding for a new set of application. It will reduce the manual efforts of DevOps’s software development methodology by 60% and cut down the maintenance cost by 40%. To accelerate the speed and working functionality of DevOps pipeline CipherHut provides customization, training, and testing services for the future prospect.