Cirus is an enterprise-ready fast and easy to build, run and govern blockchain business networks that work on leading blockchain technologies. Blockchain services clouds create a secure and stable environment, save the cost of operations and maintain & facilitate business development.

About Cirus

Cloud computing epitomizes the base of the digital business as the industry is growing at an extraordinary pace in the last decade. Cirus is a Blockchain-based decentralized cloud architecture and has a long way to foster the various industrial sectors. Our blockchain-enabled cloud services platforms function on many top blockchains that will help users to re-invent the cloud using cryptographic blocks.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cirus

Cirus is a prescriptive solution to make the software more secure and efficient to provide a reliable record of data shared. Blockchain services cloud will help to accelerate the enterprise services by providing an end-to-end solution for enterprise blockchain network development, governance, and operation.

Cirus is evolving to provide a wide variety of security strategies and multi-tenant isolation to overcome the security risk as blockchain services cloud is designed to address physical and logical security issues across all service models.

How Does It Work?

Blockchain keeps the user’s identity anonymous within the cloud to maintain the privacy protected even if the data is breached in the cloud.

Cloud computing services are hosted in large data centers; distinguish among three main types of cloud platforms: (i) public cloud, (ii) private cloud, and (ii) hybrid cloud. The number of transactions in blockchain networks can be enormous where data processing needs to be scalable, and elastic to provide on-demand cloud resources for dynamically changing workload.

Cirus is ready to use service that automatically scales to meet the demands of thousands of applications running millions of transactions. Blockchain makes it easy to manage, track, verify and maintain your blockchain network.

Cirus Compatibility

Broad and deep cloud security capabilities bridge a compatible path with third-party apps and other blockchain networks. Cirus is born compatible with the enterprise-level application development which will securely extend, preassembled and manage services over the comprehensive blockchain-as-a-services cloud.

Cirus enabled blockchain-as-a-service will focus on building blockchain applications instead of spending time and energy on manual setup of your blockchain network.  I will also help in automating the indexed data analysis over the cloud platform for rapid provisioning and simplified infrastructure building.

Blockchain services cloud can be an answer increasingly tough anti-money laundering on the financial platform and to streamline customer privacy and secure online and mobile payments Cirus will perform monitoring the digital assets and data transactions.