Case Studies

We have been working with big brands and helping them achieve their vision and goals.


CipherHut is a proud technology partner with Oracle cloud services and splendid experience of implementing oracle cloud integration to provide secured, customized and reliable solutions.


CipherHut offers our skillful resources for HBOT v.2 releases with their widespread adoption of the technology. Despite new age technology challenges, experience rapidly moving workflow at breakneck pace at every single day and stay on top of the wave.


I have been working with the CipherHut team for quite a long time, and between the processes, I have been able to pare down the amount of detailed information that I need to pass along and the result is outstanding! Reliable, responsiveness, thorough testing, gorgeous web styling – I could not ask for more!


CipherHut has been our trusted technology resource since the beginning of the development stage. The team has delivered innovative products, and make it easier for us to enter the market with competitive advantages on hands. The products have helped to solve many of the problems that firms in Thailand are struggling to provide to the user with ready to use reward systems.


Initially, I was speculative but CipherHut knocked them all out of the park! CipherHut is a Key strategic partner in building a healthcare platform to boost-up the new treatment solutions and automate interventions using human analysis and AI which helped us to tackle the challenges of data security.


We were impressed by CipherHut’s organised work pattern and attention to detail. They have delivered solutions that met our expectations, their team provides ongoing improvement and maintenance.


I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Cipherhut team is in the area of Blockchain. They work in agile methodology and have the ability to scale without sacrificing performance or product quality stands out to us.


We are thankful for the great job Cipherhut has done for our business. They are exceedingly professional to work with, their work displays creative ability and great attention to detail.