Boto is an open-source platform for automating trading strategies build on the white-label trading market making bots scripts. Artificial intelligence-enabled bots follow the market rates to trade efficiently with 1000+ trade pairs supported.

About Boto

Artificial intelligence-enabled market making bots play an important role in the virtual market as it follows the live market trends and rates. Boto provides an automated trading opportunity with the intelligent market making at higher frequencies and constantly take advantage of inefficiencies as well as small swings in asset prices.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Boto

Boto is an artificially intelligent electronic agent that automates the trades on behalf of traders by efficiently running the white-label trading market making bots scripts. Boto utilizes the evolutionary approach, with agents entering and leaving the market, and agent trading strategies evolving over time.

Boto provides liquidity to the markets and immediacy to the execution of trades with 1000+ trade pairs support. Trade automation follows the live market movement, and the goal is to capture information in a market’s order books to execute the order securely.

How does it work?

Boto tracks every click and conversion in real-time with market analysis without any human error. Artificial intelligence-enabled bots follow the market rates to trade efficiently in order to execute orders.

Integrate with all major trading and back-office applications which will help to maintain real-time virtual accuracy in the volatile trading business with hands-on technology utilization in the online trading industry.

Targeting your traffic with the best offers based on customizable criteria with technology, functionality, and appearance of trading platforms across devices.

Boto Compatibility

Automated trading with preconfigured scripts makes it a fast and secure platform to save time and secure the orders at any hour.

We have created a unique, powerful and user-friendly white label trading solutions with simplified user-interfaces and trading features.

Place your own brand name on our trading app and save time and money, and it also takes care of execution, pre-trade and post-trade risk, margin requirements, account balances, trade allocations, compliance and reporting, and many other essential functions which automate the process perfectly on cross-platform web and app.