API security

API Security

Enterprises are reshaping their business models to address the new digital economy by making data and applications available as APIs for consumption in mobile applications, cloud applications and Internet of Things (IoT). While APIs connect enterprises with mobile apps and a large community of developers, these APIs also need to be scalable, reliable, and most importantly secure.

As these businesses start monetizing their resources through digital channels they need to become more vigilant about security and complaince and prevent their APIs against threats and hacks.

Cipherhut's API Security solution streamlines management, deployment, development and operation of APIs, enhancing security and regulatory compliance through authentication, authorization and audit capabilities. The Cipherhut's API Gateway, deployed at the edge of the network to provide perimeter security and defence, protects the enterprise by handling authentication and authorization, encrypting data, preventing threats and attacks and rate limiting traffic. The API Gateway can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.