Apache ServiceMix ESB


Apache ServiceMix is an enterprise-class open-source distributed enterprise service bus (ESB) based on the service-oriented architecture (SOA) model. It is a project of the Apache Software Foundation and was built on the semantics and application programming interfaces of the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208. The software is distributed under the Apache License.

The productized and supported release of ServiceMix 4 is from JBoss and called Fuse ESB. Fabric8 is a free Apache 2.0 Licensed upstream community for the JBoss Fuse product from Red Hat. The current version of ServiceMix fully supports the OSGi framework. ServiceMix is lightweight and easily embeddable, has integrated Spring Framework support and can be run at the edge of the network (inside a client or server), as a standalone ESB provider or as a service within another ESB. ServiceMix is compatible with Java SE or a Java EE application server. ServiceMix uses ActiveMQ to provide remoting, clustering, reliability and distributed failover.

The basic frameworks used by ServiceMix are Spring and XBean. ServiceMix is composed the latest versions of Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Apache CXF, and Apache Karaf. Additional installation features include: BPM engine via Activiti JPA support via Apache OpenJPA XA transaction management via JTA via Apache Aries ServiceMix is an enterprise service bus that provides: Federation, clustering and container provided failover Hot deployment and lifecycle management of business objects Vendor independence from vendor-licensed products Compliance with the JBI specification JSR 208 Compliance with the OSGi 4.2 specification through Apache Felix Support for OSGi Enterprise through Apache Aries It was accepted as an official Apache project by the ASF Board of Directors on September 19, 2007.