Digital assets are the precious gem of the virtual world and to store it securely Alcor is the trustable decentralized white-labeled digital assets wallet system for the dynamic institutional approaches. Using decentralized technology, we will put you in control of your data in a secure environment.

About Alcor

In the volatile digital asset, world change is the only constant, therefore, Alcor hand back control and security to users to deliver decentralized digital asset wallet security solution that anyone can understand, without the need for technical or cryptographic expertise to store digital asset securely in the new digital economy. We envision a future, therefore, we support 200+ digital assets that allows our user to store, trade and explore.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Alcor

Alcor uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions from tracking digital assets to comply with regulatory requirements, the solutions are endless.

Alcor is a highly available, trusted, enterprise-grade decentralized digital assets wallet tested using CCSS to store, transact, and service digital assets Secure and. These capabilities are widely available for financial intermediaries, by extending its capabilities to deliver a reliable and secure platform for various institutional aspects.

How does it work?

Alcor closes the data gap between wallets and applications by integrating more advanced capabilities into products and solutions, including predictive analysis, data visualization, and surveillance.

For effective trade allocation, our decentralized white-labeled digital assets wallet system looks after the storage, trading surveillance and more.

Customize user permissions, set visibility of datasets for different audiences, queue user requests and provide approvals.

Alcor Compatibility

Checking compatibility with all the major asset is the crucial part before acquiring the decentralized digital asset wallet for any of the cryptocurrency.

Alcor is a decentralized white-labeled digital assets wallet system that we are making available for all the platforms that include Android, iOS, and web.